Kate Maryon

Flower Strip - Daniel Johnson

 I began working with people in 1996 when I qualified as a classical homeopath. I have since have worked with thousands of people in a number of ways and my work has morphed into an amalgamation of these. My particular talent is supporting clients in unravelling and integrating the psychological and energetic effects of trauma that keep them from living the deeper, truer expression of themselves. 

At the heart of everything I do is a passionate & uncompromising commitment to living the truth of who I am; awake as limitless awareness, alive with all the limitations a human body brings.

As love in life.

Living from this place offers riches beyond your wildest imagination; true peace, a felt sense of aliveness, an ability to relate with difficulty, clarity of vision & action, depth of connection & intimacy, vibrancy, joy, wellbeing & love. 


Living this... is my invitation to you.