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When: 22-25th August 2019

Where: Chesterblade Hills, Chesterblade, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4QX

There will be very clear signs to the event on all roads leading into the tiny village of Chesterblade. Follow the signs into the car park and leave your car there. The space we’re using is a little way from the car park and has limited parking space - so each day Zillah will be in the car park ready to drive everyone to the barn. If you get lost or have any problems, please call Zillah on 07934 082586 or Melodie on 07510 336570. Alternatively, you’re welcome to take the 15 minute walk to the barn.

Camping option: Basic camping is on offer at £10 per tent/campervan, per night - to be paid in cash on the first day. You’re very welcome to set up camp the night before, so you’re settled and ready to begin. If you’re travelling by train the nearest station is Bruton. A lift from the station to the site can be arranged, but would definitely need to happen the day/evening beforehand. If you’d like to take this option please inform me of your arrival times asap. Melodie will collect the camping money from you during the orientation meeting and give it to the site owners for you. There is a great fire-pit onsite and plenty of free firewood available.

Food: Because the site is a fair distance from any shops/restaurants etc, and because quite a few of you are camping, there are now two food options available - please let me know what you’d like to do asap:

  • Bring your own packed lunch & Supper.

  • Participate in communal food, prep & clearing up. I will provide a basic food store - oil, salt, rice, pasta, milks etc and then Zillah & Melodie will coordinate everyone in bringing a contribution to it. A group of people will prepare each meal from whatever food we have and the rest of the group will clear up afterwards. To make it easier to cater for everyone’s needs, and because we’re lacking an onsite fridge, we’ll need to keep things simple - so therefor a basic diet Vegetarian, Gluten & Dairy free diet makes sense. For wheat & dairy lovers, I’m happy to provide bread/butter and anything else you’d love.

  • Breakfast after morning meditation: Fruit, bread, porridge

  • Lunch: Salad stuff.

  • Dinner: Soups, Curries, Pasta etc.


Aug 22nd - 9am meet Zillah in the car park for quick site orientation, ready to begin the first session at 10. Day ends at 8.15pm Shared lunch & dinner available.

Aug 23rd & 24th - Optional 8.30 am meditation (Zillah will be in the car park at 8.15 to ferry people down.) First session begins at 10am. Day ends at 8.15pm. Shared breakfast/lunch/dinner available.

Aug 25th - Optional 8.30 am meditation (Zillah will be in the car park at 8.15 to ferry people down.) First session begins at 10am. Day ends at 6.30pm. Shared breakfast & lunch available.