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Let Your Inner Child Speak

Let Your Inner Child Speak

2-day non-residential workshop to Reclaim The Wisdom of Your Inner Child

with Kate Maryon

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This workshop is for people interested in reconnecting to the glorious, but often hidden, natural wisdom, confidence, freedom, potential, creativity, authenticity, playfulness and joy of the inner child.

Deep inside you is the little child you once were; all at once the one with big dreams and a pristine, uncensored vision of what you might become and yet so often so full of anger, full of fear, as you worked hard to make sense of a world that didn’t appreciate your glory or your pain, didn’t listen to your wisdom, or see how brightly you shone in your unique expression.

In the face of the overwhelming nature of childhood you had no choice but to cut off from your true expression and create a version of yourself built to please the people around you. You literally replaced yourself with an imposter that you perceived to be acceptable. It was the most loving and creative thing you ever did for yourself and yet now you’re facing the consequences of the outmoded habit of continuing to live this limited version of yourself. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By reclaiming your wild & precious inner child and deeply listening to what she/he has to say, you can free yourself from your history and begin to re-inhabit yourself, reconnecting to your passions, rediscovering your true voice, living in the present moment as the freshness of youth with the wisdom of age.

Because the truth is, you are not who you think you are - you are not this broken person. The one you believe yourself to be is purely the result of a mismanaged childhood - your past has stolen your future and I invite you to join me on an adventure to reclaim your wild and precious life.

This experiential programme uses a combination of self-inquiry, stillness, meditation, movement, paired and group exercises. There may be tears, of course, but the light touch I bring will guarantee laughter too - and a rare space of warmth, safety and acceptance. So wherever you find yourself on this journey, you are so very welcome to join me.

I keep my groups small because I am deeply committed to giving everyone the time, attention and support they deserve. To get the most from my workshop I offer a free 30-minute call to ensure we’re a good match for working together.

Financial Investment: £150 which includes workshop, beverages and snacks.

Payment plans available. 

If this work calls you, but is way beyond your budget, please contact me as I always reserve one bursary space on each workshop.

B&B accommodation is available on site at your expense - see here for details.

Cancellation policy: Once committed, you can cancel up to four weeks prior to the workshop date, after this the full fee will be due even in the event of failure to attend for any reason.

Timings: 10.45am Saturday 16th Nov 2019 and end at 6pm on 17th Nov 2019. To participate on this workshop you will need to adhere to the arrival and departure times. To create a sense of safety in the group there are no exceptions to this, so please don't ask for one. If your travel is delayed on the day, please contact me asap.